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Latest Scores

Ladies Day Doubles
Hoyle / Ayling577
Davey / Crosbie7610
Hoyle / Ayling300
Floyd / Dalrymple660
Nagpaul / Boakes568
Berrington / Webster7210
Fernandez / Aspel110
Gowing / Pritchard660
Ladies Day Singles
Harris, Karen6410
Close, Jenny163
Floyd, Jill660
Samuel, Anita220
Close, Jenny670
Samuel, Anita350
Harris, Karen6312
O'Brien, Carol1610
Davey, Angela210
Dalrymple, Judith660
Ladies Evening Doubles
Balfour-Evans / Sedgwick660
Bohling / Leech410
Balfour-Evans / Sedgwick670
Berrington / hinds360
Foster / Buttle520
Kolcular / Kamaryc760
Kolcular / Kamaryc660
Gowing / Saunders440
Saunders / Brasier220
Tehan / Sweet Choules660
Ladies Evening Singles
Keppel, Henny410
Jain, Ritoo660
Berrington, Jan660
Close, Jenny230
Saunders, Sarah560
Dasgupta, Amrita770
Berrington, Jan647
Winship, Suzanne2610
Berrington, Jan4610
Nagpaul, Chris628
Mens Vets Singles
Vaughan, David6410
Downie, John468
Webb, Roger140
Joyce, Richard660
Nahaboo, Mohamed715
Downie, John5610
Webb, Roger300
Biswas, Kal660
Lockyer, Stuart660
Boakes, Kevin340
Webb, Roger364
Li, Manwai6410
Downie, John376
Richman, John6510
Lockyer, Stuart660
Jarman, Phil220
Becher, Andrew660
Kamaryc, Roz130
Findlay, Ben760
McClure, Scott540
Mixed Doubles
Garner / Garner320
Nagpaul / Nagpaul660
Bohling / Bohling660
Charles / Charles210
Bohling / Bohling768
Biswas / Groth-Biswas6710
Sweet / Sweet Choules5610
Garner / Garner716
Brasier / Broncano-Ruiz660
O Brien / O'Brien200

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